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Sample Projects

      Multi-physics Simulations of Carbon nanotubes

    Tarek Ragab


      Nanoscale resolution and high sensitivity Phase shifting Moire Interferometry for mechanical 
      characterization of nanoelectronics and its packaging

     Bicheng Chen

      Transport and Microstructure in SnAgCu Solder

     Michael S. Sellers



      Large Deformation Micromechanics of Particle Filled Acrylies at High Temperatures

    Eray Gunel


      Multi-Scale Modeling of Electromigration and Thermomigration in Nanoelectronics

    Yongchang Lee


  • Computational Analysis
    • Molecular Dynamic Simulations of diffusion in solder joints
    • Molecular Dynamic Simulations of Carbon NanoTubes as VLSI interconnects
    • Material nonlinear analysis of Surface Mount Packaging (thermal and dynamic)
    • Damage mechanics of Pb/Sn solder alloys based on Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
    • Dislocation mechanics based strain gradient method for damage mechanics of electronic packaging interconnects
    • Damage mechanics of solder interconnects under high electrical current density
    • Damage mechanics of layered semiconductor devices under thermal shock
    • Damage mechanics of infilled polymer composites
    • Evaluation of Alternate I/O Routing for Bumpless BGA-Printed Circuit Boards
  • Experimental Studies
    • Automatic Full Strain Field Moire Interferometery Measurement with Nano-scale Resolution
    • Thermomigration of nanoelectronics solder joints
    • Electromigration in flip chip solder joints
    • Low temperature interaction of electromigration and thermomigration
    • Fatigue life prediction by Highly Accelerated Thermal Cycling
    • Reliability of packages under severe vibration testing
    • Reliability of Power Electronics Building Blocks subjected to concurrent thermal cycling and vibrations
    • Experimental damage mechanics of BGA solder joints under high electrical current densities
    • Using pulse laser to determine material degradation at sub micron scale
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